Dare to Go Bare!

Attention beach brides: do you dream of going barefoot for your wedding? Well, have we got an accessory for you!

(Photo Credit: loverthebaglovetheshoes.co.uk)

How perfect are these barefoot accessories? We’re going to start (or should we say bring back) a new trend for the 2012 summer beach wedding season. We absolutely love the idea of a bride with a little barefoot bling. The barefoot accessories are designed to fit around your ankle, trickle down your feet with a slot that goes over one of your toes.  Go ahead and have that destination wedding you’ve always dreamed of with the glam you love to rock. Best of all, barefoot jewel accessories are perfect for your bridesmaids who will walk down the sand aisle before you and it’s definitely a gift that keeps on giving. The Glam Barefoot

For You

(Photo Credit: myglassslipper.com)

Don’t let the whole “no sole” thing fool you into thinking this look can’t be exquisitely designed.  This look can be made with gold or silver and a cluster of semi-precious jewels and diamonds. They range from $199-$500; it’s basically expensive jewelry for your feet.  It’s a glam look perfect for a glamorous wedding dress.

For Your Bridesmaids (Photo Credit: myglassslipper.com)

  The Crochet Barefoot

For You

(Photo Credit: Yaso Knitting-Etsy.com)

A soft knitted feel, beautiful in white and adorned with your favorite toe ring…what’s not to love about this look? It just looks so sweet and gentle. You may not want to venture into the water with these to prevent losing the shape of the yarn, although we’re sure one time in the water won’t hurt.

For Your Bridesmaids

(Photo Credit: Etsy.com)



The Seashell Barefoot

For You

(Photo Credit: thetravelingsouk.com)

We know you don’t bring sand to the beach, but how about seashells! We love this look because it incorporates the beach look with the wedding look playing up to your themed beach wedding.

For Your Bridesmaids

(Photo Credit: Etsy.com)



The Simple Barefoot

For You (Photo Credit: jewlesbymichele.com)

Sometimes there is something so beautiful about keeping it simple. An elegant string of pearls or jewels down your foot can give a bejeweled look to your feet, especially if the jewels are strung together by a nude or clear material. Imagine guests and your groom catching glimpses of sparkling emeralds on your feet as you walk…breathtaking.

For Your Bridesmaids (Photo Credit: jewelsbymichele.com)

  Not sure about being barefoot in the sand or garden but still want a comfortable jeweled look?  Or do you need some comfortable sandals to wear at your beach reception?  No problem… we’ve talked about FlipOut in the past, they are gorgeous and glam sandals you can wear on your weddingmoon.



I like that idea. I think those would look great for a beach wedding!
April 20, 2012, 8:46 PM

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